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Caltech sues Nokia, LG, Pantech over patents

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 27 Nov 2010 15:00 User comments (2)

Caltech sues Nokia, LG, Pantech over patents Caltech (California Institute of Technology) has sued Nokia, LG, Pantech and a number of chipmakers this week, claiming phones made by the companies have components that infringe on their patents.
The university says the mobile phone makers infringe on nine patents relating to camera technology.

Caltech is seeking monetary damages.

Similarly, last year Caltech sued Canon, Nikon and 4 other digital-camera makers, for infringing on six patents relating to pixel sensors in digital cameras.

All of the patents came after research the university was doing for NASA.

The chipmakers named are STMicroelectronics, Seti, Siliconfile Technologies and Toshiba.

None of the companies named have responded to the allegations yet.

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2 user comments

127.11.2010 21:53

Patent Trolls coming out from a university? interesting. if you're so smart caltech, you should have had the money to make these chips. besides higher education is about learning, why cant you be the bigger entity and just accept that your way works, thats why it is used... i assume.

closed information loops are dead endz.

lubricant -> Mr Slicker -> ???

23.12.2010 22:29

mrslicker :

The most popular processor for all portable devices is designed by Arm of UK - manufactured and adapted by a number of manufacturers under license - which does not have its own fab. So according you it is OK to copy elements from their design without compensation !

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