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Android 2.1 or higher now on 83 percent of Android devices

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 03 Dec 2010 12:50 User comments (4)

Android 2.1 or higher now on 83 percent of Android devices

According to new Google figures, Android 2.1 or higher is now installed on 83 percent of all Android smartphones, as of December 1st.
That number is up from 77 percent, posted in early November.

43.4 percent of phones have Android 2.2 while 39.6 percent are running 2.1.

A shocking 6.3 percent are still running the ancient Android 1.5, with another 10.6 percent running 1.6 (mainly G1 owners).

Google is set to launch Android 2.3 Gingerbread in the coming weeks, with a few handsets getting the update right out of the gate.

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4 user comments

13.12.2010 05:47

What's the significance of this?

23.12.2010 10:56

its information is it not ?? for the un educated

33.12.2010 14:03

Shrug...I still run 1.5. It's been pretty solid. Been intending to root my Moment before updating Android...just haven't done it yet =).

46.12.2010 11:30

...and now I'm on 2.1 (2.2 not available *curse Sprint*).

Was actually easier now then when I first started reading. Just involved downloading the Samsung update and replacing a few files before doing the actual update.

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