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Is PS3 firmware 3.50 finally jailbroken?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 05 Dec 2010 22:39 User comments (8)

Is PS3 firmware 3.50 finally jailbroken? Although still unconfirmed (the software hasn't been released yet), the French site Logic Sunrise has reported that PlayStation 3 firmware version 3.50 has finally been jailbroken.
The firmware has been hacked by the developer team behind X3Max, a USB dongle used to jailbreak or downgrade other firmwares.

Says the site (translated):
"This marks the third major advance in the world of hack Playstation 3: Jailbroken firmware 3.50 the PS3 by Team X3 with X3max without need for a downgrade! The X3 team has managed to run homebrew on official firmware 3.50 without downgrading! The downgrade is still possible."

The software update will be free, but it is unclear if it will work on anything but the X3max.

For now, take the report and video as rumor until the actual software is released, likely within 48 hours.

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8 user comments

15.12.2010 23:23
Unverified new user

omg when is this gonna be released.. i neeeed this

26.12.2010 0:06

this may be real or it may be fake look odd to me i will what and see be for upgrading

<< I can fix most software and hardware problems. But some times i have to ask around. And if i can help you i will. >>

36.12.2010 2:18

I'm happy about this because I upgraded my console when I first bought it ;)

46.12.2010 4:12

Originally posted by xaznboitx:
I'm happy about this because I upgraded my console when I first bought it ;)
You can downgrade anyway...the downgrade has already been ported to everything; there is even an arduino port...and arduino is almost always last to get ports.

Still, very cool...LS is usually rather honest, so I am looking forward to this a lot. As for compatibility, I am sure it will not be limited to the x3max. At the very least, the E3 card reader should have support because it is essentially a x3max with more memory.

56.12.2010 10:21

If Im not mistaken, you can already download the program to your USB drive and its under torrents called ps3_Multi_SDK. From what I understand, this pack had everything you need but PLEASE do not hold me to that. Im still trying to figure it out.

The more I read about this hack, the more my brain wants to swell and explode. Im told one thing and shown another. If anyone has some instructions some where as to how and hack this and what I do need to get exactlly, I would be thankful. I have the new slimline PS3, you know , the one that play PS3 and PS1 games but not PS2, GRrrr..

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66.12.2010 13:03

I'm just gonna wait to see how this unfolds....

77.12.2010 10:24

3.55 just got released today.

87.12.2010 17:37

JBing 3.50 was important because it was the the most prevalent firmware when people started realizing they shouldn't update if they ever wanted to jailbreak their PS3.

Of course...this was going on while the firmware downgrade work was being done which made JBing 3.50 less important when it was released, but it's still good to know the PS3 isn't bulletproof and that just because Sony fixed it once when caught unaware wasn't just a fluke.

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