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Verizon will only offer unlimited data plan for iPhone

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 25 Jan 2011 14:12 User comments (9)

Verizon will only offer unlimited data plan for iPhone Verizon COO Lowell McAdam has confirmed today that Verizon will offer an unlimited data plan for the iPhone, which will cost $30 per month.
In June, AT&T dropped its unlimited data plan for smartphone users, moving to $25-a-month for 2GB or $15-a-month for 200MB. Each plan has massive overage charges.

Verizon offers $30 unlimited or $15 for 150MB, but the company has long said it will be dropping the smaller plan at the end of January.

For more comparisons, the companies offer the same voice plans, and AT&T offers a better texting plan.

McAdam does make it clear, however, that the unlimited plan will not be around forever, as the carrier "will follow AT&T's move to tiered pricing in the not too distant future."

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9 user comments

125.1.2011 14:18

wow not moving to verizon now if they plan on getting rid of the unlimited data

225.1.2011 14:27

I guess my Droid X might be the last phone I have for quite some time since I will be grandfathered.

325.1.2011 14:57

Originally posted by NeoandGeo:
I guess my Droid X might be the last phone I have for quite some time since I will be grandfathered.
If you change phones I doubt you will loose unlimited. With ATT I went from the iPhone 3g to the iPhone 4 and didn't loose unlimited. Verizon would be smart to follow the same path.

425.1.2011 15:58

Sprint FTW

Oh, Im sorry... Did the middle of my sentence interrupt the beginning of yours?

525.1.2011 16:10

2 words for Verizon........

Extortionist jagoffs!

625.1.2011 17:18

Good thing I'm on T-Mobile. Unlimited data and cheaper than a similar plan from Verizon and AT&T.

725.1.2011 21:43
Unverified new user

Yea but you have no service anywhere thats why i went to Verizon from T-Mobile.

825.1.2011 23:01

Just call me Grand'pa...because I will keep getting unlimited data while new users will be capped, and that will make the network that much faster for me!

91.2.2011 22:21

Um, I just called VzW (for an unrelated matter) and talked to Paulo. He confirmed that the unlimited data plan is not exclusive to the iPhone and that based on his briefings just today (Feb 1st), VzW will continue to offer $15/150mb/month or $30/unlimited for smartphones. For feature phones, in addition to the two tiers above, there is a per-use tier at $1.99/mb.

Additionally, I doubt that VzW will drop the unlimited entirely (I can be wrong). The quote could refer to when VzW will roll out 4G or LTE that it may revisit its data plans. Well, considering the fact that technology is going the route of providing each consumer with portable data consuming devices...

Also, a minor nitpick, the author of this post should change the title - it can be misconstrued to make it sounds like the VzW iPhone is the only smartphone that will benefit from the unlimited plan or that the iPhone will only get the unlimited. Confusing either way.

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