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Xbox Live getting free-to-play games?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 10 Apr 2011 19:35 User comments (7)

Xbox Live getting free-to-play games? Citing "trusted sources," IGN is reporting that Microsoft will soon make free-to-play games available through Xbox Live.
By doing so, gamers can play the games for free, but will purchase virtual content (currency, weapons, clothes, etc) just like in popular Facebook games like MafiaWars and CityVille.

The industry has seen an expansion into F2P, with big publishers like EA even trying the model on shooters like Battlefield Play4Free.

That game is still in beta.

For now this is still rumor, but we will keep you updated.

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7 user comments

110.4.2011 19:58

not bad

210.4.2011 22:39

All gaming has officially gone to hell.

310.4.2011 23:41

i'm finding it very hard to find games i like these days... i used to play games all the time, now it seems like i'm stuck with the old days like i can't move on LOL... all i play these days is mario kart, smash brothers and mario party...


411.4.2011 1:27

It isn't free to play; it is subscription. If xbox live was free, then it would be free to play.

511.4.2011 14:20

reason i didnt but a xbox is because of subscription. if they introduce true free to play then ill pick their console. which wouldnt happen

615.4.2011 15:55

Originally posted by KillerBug:
It isn't free to play; it is subscription. If xbox live was free, then it would be free to play.
Xbox Live is free. Xbox Live GOLD, which is needed to play multiplayer games, stream netflix and ESPN3 is a pay service because you're using a lot more bandwidth and match making servers. If you want to play Xbox onine against someone else for free go through GameSpy Tunnel.

715.4.2011 16:42

So anyone played in those facebook games or whatever,does the pay for weaponary mean you get the drop on someone who hasn't or are all weapons equal,if they are not then it ain't no where near free i,oh yes it's free but you need to pay for this so you don't get fragged every dam second of respawn,it'll end up costing more than a live sub,as for cost of a game they ain't dear if you buy at a sale or second hand

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