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Chrome continues to gain browser market share

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 02 Jun 2011 0:01 User comments (4)

Chrome continues to gain browser market share According to the June 1st stats from Net Applications, Internet Explorer continues to see their global browser market share fall, mainly at the hands of Google's Chrome.
IE, in all variations fell to 52.87 percent market share, with Internet Explorer 8 being the largest part of that share at 31.28 percent. Microsoft's latest, IE9, jumped to 4.19 percent despite not being available to Windows XP users.

Newly launched Firefox 4 already beat out Firefox 3.6, at 10.08 percent to 9.14 percent. Altogether, Firefox accounted for 21 percent share.

Google's Chrome moved to 11.86 percent share, with Chrome 11 leading the way.

Says Net Applications:

IE9 arrived in March, alongside updated versions from Mozilla and Google. Globally, across all operating systems, Firefox 4 has grabbed a 10% share, while Chrome 11 has 9.7% of the market.

Microsoft limited IE9's potential uptake by banning it from Windows XP - the decade-old OS that's still the most used OS globally - and focusing instead on Vista and Windows 7.

"When Microsoft decided not to support XP for Internet Explorer 9, it narrowed the front for the browser wars to Windows 7."

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4 user comments

12.6.2011 17:26

very interesting

23.6.2011 11:59

Good job on the article Andre!

33.6.2011 14:50

I actually prefer Google chrome now, it's simple/bare/fast.


43.6.2011 17:01

I would use Iron before Chrome any day, Chrome is a peeping resource hog.

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