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Mozilla updates Firefox 5 to RC

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 16 Jun 2011 12:56 User comments (6)

Mozilla updates Firefox 5 to RC Mozilla launched Firefox 4 earlier this year to much fanfare, but it seems that Firefox 5 is almost ready to go.
Following the launch of 4, Mozilla confirmed it was moving towards the Google Chrome model of development, where updated versions are released every few months, following time in developer and beta channels.

Each upgrade is not a complete re-haul of the former version, but rather tweaked versions with added features, sometimes major. Google Chrome is now in version 12 despite being launched years after Firefox.

The Firefox 5 RC has performance and speed boosts, as well as improved support for "future-web" tech like HTML5 and JavaScript rendering.

You can get the latest FF5 here at AfterDawn: Firefox 5

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6 user comments

116.6.2011 14:12

I remember back in the day when version numbers actually meant something. Now its just a marketing gimmick.

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216.6.2011 15:02

I tend to agree. Rather than performance upgrades, I would like to see operation upgrades... like continuing to run. Since upgrading to to the latest 4 build it seems that I have been updating information to their crash reporter overnight than I have updating my status to a social network.

Seems the internet kingdom is starting to take on a 'new' venture that was used back in the late 70s, early 80s in advertising that I liked to call the "New & Improved Era". In actuality they really didn't do much of anything to their product, but enough to make it legal to print N&I on the label. Next thing you knew everybody was doing it in fear that that the other product was selling of that damned slogan.

Could be a 'penis envy' complex of a similar nature. I could care less if its name was "Turd" just make the damn thing work.

317.6.2011 2:11

So two or three years down the road, we'll have Firefox 29 to 41 (assuming once a month)?

417.6.2011 5:14
Unverified new user

frankly i really love Firefox and its add-ons, skins.And the new version is faster than 3.6.however , i find a big bug in Firefox ,its memory leaks .i cant stand it any more 。So i turn to orca browser which has the same engine with Firefox .everything be better and low memory leaks

517.6.2011 11:08

Originally posted by Ragnarok8:
So two or three years down the road, we'll have Firefox 29 to 41 (assuming once a month)?
No, but I do believe Mozilla said to expect FF7 by end of the year.

617.6.2011 12:19

Originally posted by DVDBack23:
No, but I do believe Mozilla said to expect FF7 by end of the year.

Ow... my eye... new by K-tell... New & Improved... It's Freedom Rock - Turn it Up Man!...

I'm serious about that cave with the beachfront property...

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