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Rumor: Apple to reveal iPhone 5 in August

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 21 Jun 2011 19:22 User comments (10)

Rumor: Apple to reveal iPhone 5 in August BGR posted earlier this morning that Apple may be ready to unveil the iPhone 5 as early as August, a date that would break tradition from the company's normal September release of new hardware.
Apple is already "late" in releasing a new iPhone as the last few have been released at June's WWDC.

The company used this year's conference to show off Mac OS X Lion, iOS 5 and the iCloud.

If accurate, the new iPhone could be released in early-mid-August and will feature a fully revamped design.

The rumor (and pic) say the iPhone 5 could have a screen that stretches from end-to-end and have a "teardrop" design like the iPod Touch.

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10 user comments

121.6.2011 23:01

Also, the outer shell will be composed of 400 small metal squares, and if you touch any two of them at once, it won't connect.

222.6.2011 2:37

gud, gotta get it

322.6.2011 7:56

who cares?

Being nice always has its own consequences

422.6.2011 11:03


522.6.2011 20:50
Unverified new user

a lot of people do lol

622.6.2011 23:43

Unless they're about to bring it to the last couple of decent carriers we have (Sprint/T-Mobile), then don't care.

723.6.2011 3:35

Do they do it in white ?

"If accurate, the new iPhone could be released in early-mid-August and will feature a fully revamped design."

What , you mean it will work this time???

If so, that is like it getting better all over again , again!


"Are we not iSheep? We are Devo!"

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823.6.2011 10:03

These things are becoming like laboratory rats back in the 70s.

Take a 12 pound bag of saccharine & an 8 ounce rat, then inject that all that saccharine into the rat... what do you get? A cancerous rat.

Yeah, I know Russ has lost it... My point is this,
1. these things are too expansive - outnumbered, so they aren't sweet any more or you could say it's soured them.
2. Market saturation leads to being all over the place with little design distinction results in no originality.
3. There's all kinds of crap floating around in the thing. Some of it might be good, but you can't tell what part of it is, but you can definitely tell most of it isn't.
And 4. There's still a rat attached to the thing. Be it the cellular provider or Apple's attempt to know your every move.

Sure I'm playing with innuendo, but think of the poor rats back in the 70s. I'll bet they still go berserk if they see a packet of Sweet-n-low.

923.6.2011 10:10

Is it worth the price we pay to keep up with technology? A new iPhone is released every year but AT&T and Verizon lock me into a 2 year agreement.

1024.6.2011 12:40
Unverified new user

Originally posted by Hyasuma:
who cares?
I do, and you do too as youre actually on that page..

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