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Prepare for an iOS-powered Apple HDTV, says former exec

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 21 Jun 2011 7:35 User comments (2)

Prepare for an iOS-powered Apple HDTV, says former exec

Apple is preparing to release an iOS-powered Apple-branded HDTV this year, says an anonymous former exec of the company speaking to DT.
The company is already in talks with a "major OEM," adds the report, which they speculate to be Samsung, a long-time partner.

Apple will "blow Netflix and all those other guys away" with the HDTV, which will bundle Apple TV and iTunes in a slim, Internet-capable device.

While Samsung (and other OEMs) sell TVs themselves, the source claims it will not be an issue because "if you have to be competing with somebody, you want to be competing with yourself."

A 2011 launch is expected, but the exec does admit that Apple could wait until early 2012 to make sure everything is perfect.

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2 user comments

121.6.2011 22:59

LoL...Steve is really out of touch if he thinks that an iOS TV is going to blow away netflix.

222.6.2011 19:43

Yes,they are great as far as big companies go but Netfix is well run and know their business better than Apple. First icloud and now this. Maybe I will dump their stock. Mind you I hate them but they make a pant load of money. I think those great days are numbered. They are going to follow in the steps of M$.

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