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OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. An OEM is a company that buys hardware in bulk and builds and sells computers from it. The term applies also when purchasing computer hardware like a DVD burner or DVD-RAM drive. The difference between buying an OEM version of a DVD Burner instead of its retail is it probably won't come in a box, will have much less included software, if any, and less paperwork with it. It's OEM status may also affect its warranty compared to a retail boxed version.

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Listed here are a few manufacturers that offer OEM products for sale.

LG Electronics





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Windows XP SP3 coming next week (21 April 2008)- Microsoft's XP SP3 release manager Chris Keroack has announced that the long awaited Service Pack has been released to manufacturing channels and will hit OEM and enterprise customers by April 29th.

SanDisk doubles CompactFlash memory to 16GB (7 March 2008)- SanDisk has announced that it has doubled the capacity of its CompactFlash 5000 flash memory cards for industrial markets. The cards provide a high level of durability as well as high read and write speeds, and the extra capacity makes it a more suitable accessory for mission-critical applications including medical instruments, military applications and gaming systems.

Windows Home Server OEM software now available (8 October 2007)- Windows Home Server is now available from U.S. retailers like and Prices are coming in at just under $200.



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