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RealMedia is the multimedia container that was originally created by RealNetworks to house its RealVideo and RealAudio formats. The extension for RealMedia is .rm and is normally used for streaming content online.

Streams using .RM are typically CBR, constant Bitrate transfers although Real has developed rmvb intended to house VBR streams.

RM is a competitor for streaming with FLV and Quicktime.

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How to Convert multiple files types to DVD with DVDSanta- DVDSanta is a nice piece of software that allows you to complete various tasks. Firstly it allows you convert your video files to DVD. It supports many formats including AVI, WMV, MPG, ASF, RealVideo etc.. In just a few simple steps, you can convert your files to DVD with DVDSanta, it will even author your DVD and then you can use the built in burning tool to burn it. It will also convert your audio into MP2 format.

How to play RMVB files- RMVB is a RealMedia Variable Bitrate file. RMVB is one of the newest file formats created by Real Networks and it has grown a pretty large following since its introduction due to its smaller file sizes yet still comparable quality when compared to other formats such as Xvid and DivX. This guide will show you how to play RMVB files on your computer using several players not including Real Network's own RealPlayer.

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