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Profile 1.0

Blu-ray, BD-MV has three distinct profiles associated with it. Different profiles support different features and require different hardware. The reason for multiple profiles was the lack of a finished specification at the time the first players were designed. Since hardware requirements for more advanced BD-MV profiles build on the requirements for earlier profiles, some first and second generation players may be capable of being upgraded to support the final BD-MV Profile through Firmware updates. The most notable is of course the PlayStation 3.

Profile 1.0 is the original profile supported on Blu-ray players prior to November 1, 2007. No secondary video decoder is included for Picture In Picture (PiP) support, and there is also no internet connectivity.

The profile is also known as Grace Period Profile or Initial Standard Profile.

The only Profile 1.0 BD players that can be upgraded to Profile 1.1 are the LG-BH100, the LG-BH200, the PlayStation 3, and the Samsung BD-UP5000.


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