AfterDawn: Glossary

Google TV

Google TV is a software platform developed jointly by Google, Sony, LogiTech and Intel. The software platform is intended for use with set-top boxes, aiming to bring rich Interactive TV content to any connected television with the help of an Internet connection. Google TV goes beyond the limited widgets and features of current "Internet TVs" which generally only provide access to Internet-based content such as the ability to watch videos from YouTube.

The Google TV set-top box software is based on the Android operating system and features the Google Chrome browser, expected to bring the full experience of Internet browsing to televisions. Google TV also provides support for Adobe Flash content, greatly increasing the amount of features it can bring to a television.

The platorm will feature enhanced support for large multimedia providers online such as Google's YouTube, Twitter, Netflix and Hulu. Google TV was officially announced at the Google I/O conference in May 2010. Set-top boxes featuring Google TV will be powered by Intel Atom-based CE4100 SoCs.

The new platform will be incorporated directly into HDTV TV sets, and into Blu-ray players. Logitech will also develop set-top boxes for Google TV.


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