AfterDawn: Glossary

Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool

The Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) is provided by Green Electronics Council as a certification for computer and consumer hardware. EPEAT certification emphasizes the environmental and efficiency attributes of computer hardware and other products. At the same time it helps manufacturers promote environmentally preferable products. EPEAT is the implementation of the IEEE 1680 Standard for Environmental Assessment of Personal Computer products.

In modern times, we are enjoying an ever-expanding array of new technology across the world. However, many of the products that we enjoy are very resource intensive to manufacture, contain large amounts of toxic and environmentally sensitive chemicals and materials, use large amounts of electricity, have a short lifespan which produces a lot of electrical waste across the world and are very hard or sometimes possible to recycle efficiently.

The Green Electronics Council aims to make it possible for consumers and companies alike to be able to identify products that have passed tests for the problems mentioned above by branding them with an EPEAT certification. The certification is useful amongst a growing interest in green electronics across the industry.



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