AfterDawn: Glossary


CD-R stands for Compact Disc - Recordable. It is a write-once recordable CD media that is suitable for creating audio or data CD compilations (CD-ROM). Though a CD-RW disc can be erased and written again, many CD players and other equipment generally perform better with CD-R media (always check if a CD player supports CD-RW before you buy it). A standard CD-R is 120 mm in diameter and usually comes with a capacity of either 640MB or 700MB. A CD-R will store 74 or 80 minutes of CD audio.

CD-R's are particularly inexpensive, but in some countries, a levy has been placed on the price of blank CD media. This levy aims to compensate copyright holders and artists if blank media is used to copy retail audio CDs or to burn MP3 files. While many consumers cite fair use rights to oppose the levies, the record industry itself distances itself from acknowledging the legitimacy of "fair use".

Using software solutions such as Nero Burning Rom, at-home users can create audio CD or CD-ROM data CD compilations. While a CD-R is not re-writable, several sessions of data can be burned to the disc at separate times. This type of disc is known as a multisession disc.



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