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DVD+RW Alliance

The DVD+RW Alliance is a voluntary group of technology companies that promote the "plus" recordable and re-writable Digital Versatile Disc (DVD) formats. The group seeks to develop and promote a universally compatible, rewriteable DVD format to enable true convergence between personal computing and consumer electronics products. As of right now, the DVD+RW Alliance supports the following recordable and re-writable DVD formats..

The group touts what it sees as advantages over the recordable "dash" formats backed and developed by the DVD Forum (DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-R DL, DVD-RAM) such as having only one recording mode that is fully compatible with the DVD-Video format and advanced features that can be performed while using DVD+RW media with DVD recorders. The DVD+RW Alliance works in two separate groups, DVD+RW Product Promotions Group and DVD+RW Compatibility and Convergence Group.

DVD+RW Product Promotions Group

This group's purpose is to establish DVD+RW/+R as the format of choice through promotion of DVD+RW/+R products and components.

DVD+RW Compatibility and Convergence Group
This is a technical working group, aimed at establishing DVD+RW/+R as the format of choice through improving the compatibility of DVD+RW/+R related hardware and media products. The leaders of the DVD+RW Alliance are..
  • Dell Computer Corp.
  • HP (Hewlett-Packard Co.)
  • Mitsubishi Chemical Corp.
  • Royal Philips Electronics N.V.
  • Ricoh Company, Ltd.
  • Sony Corp.
  • Thomson SA (RCA)
    Yamaha Corp.
Visit the DVD+RW Alliance website here.


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