AfterDawn: Glossary


This is a service provided by many IRC Networks to allow you register a channel. To use chanserv you will have to have used nickserv to register your nickname. Chanserv can also be used to check if a channel is already registered using this syntax..

/msg chanserv info #channel

Replace #channel with whatever channel you wish to get info on. You can also regitser any unregistered channel you are an Operator on. this is done using the syntax...

/msg chanserv register #channel password description

Replace #channel with the channel name, password with any password you wish and give a brief description of the channel. Chanserv also offers other services such as AOP lists (auto-op lists which will OP a registered user that enters your channel if you have added them to your list) and it will OP you whenever you enter the channel. As channel founder, other Operators in the channel should not be able to kick you.


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