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A Seedbox is a private dedicated server used for uploading and downloading of digital files. Seedboxes generally make use of BitTorrent protocols for uploading and downloading, however they have also been used within the eDonkey2000 networks. A seedbox connects to high bandwidth networks often supporting 100 megabits or more in speed. Files are then downloaded to a seedbox from other BitTorrent users and can then be downloaded at higher speeds via common protocols such as http, ftp, sftp and rsync.

A seedbox is operating system independent in that it can run on either Windows, Macintosh or Linux. These seedboxes are accessed through remote desktop protocols and allow for remote administration. These seedboxes on high speed networks generally can upload very large files in minimal amounts of time. A 1Gb file can take less than five minutes to download and can be uploaded to other users in the same amount of time, creating a 1:1 share ratio. This ability to transfer files quickly is the main attraction to using a seedbox.

Other reasons why a seedbox could be employed is to battle ISP Packet and traffic shaping which they use to sniff out P2P traffic and essentially limit bandwidth to BitTorrent protocols. A seedbox works independently of BitTorrent protocols, thereby slips past the ISP filtering while at the same time frees up home user bandwidth by now taxing the home connection with upload and download traffic. Additionally, many BitTorrent sites require a share ratio over a certain percentage. Since using a seedbox can allow for a quick 1:1 ratio, this remains a nice option for those wanting to keep their ratios in check.

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