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MicroSD is a very small removable flash memory card, used mostly with mobile phones to store content. It is the smallest flash memory card currently on the market. It measures just 5mm X 11mm X 0.7mm, making it perfect for mobile phone use.

Don't be fooled by its tiny size however, as it can actually store a very decent amount of data. MicroSD cards are available with storage capacities ranging from 64MB up to 8GB, using a storage density of 34 GB/cm 3, although any card over 4GB is only available in the newer SDHC format.

Adapters can be used with a MicroSD card to fit in slots for SD, MiniSD or MemoryStick Duo. Transflash is a very similar type card to MicroSD, so much so that both often work with devices that support the other

However, compared to Transflash, MicroSD supports Near Field Communication (NFC). Other uses for MicroSD outside of mobile phones include games hardware, GPS systems and portable media players.

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