AfterDawn: Glossary

Mobile Digital Media Downloader

A Mobile Digital Media Downloader (M-DMD) is a DLNA device, classed as a Mobile Handheld Device.

These wireless devices can find and download content stored on other DLNA devices. In particular, they can communicate with Digital Media Servers (DMS) and Mobile Digital Media Servers (M-DMS).

Such devices include mobile phones, smartphones, portable media players (MP3 players etc.) and so forth.

To check if you have a device that might be capable of communicating with DLNA devices, check the packaging for the DLNA-Certified logo.

Other types of DLNA devices include...

Home Network Devices
Digital Media Server (DMS)
Digital Media Player (DMP)
Digital Media Renderer (DMR)
Digital Media Controller (DMC)
Digital Media Printer (DMPr)

Mobile Handheld Devices
Mobile Digital Media Server (M-DMS)
Mobile Digital Media Player (M-DMP)
Mobile Digital Media Uploader (M-DMU)
Mobile Digital Media Controller (M-DMC)

Home Infrastructure Devices
Mobile Network Connectivity Function (M-NCF)
Media Interoperability Unit (MIU)



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