AfterDawn: Glossary

ATI CrossFire

ATI CrossFire is the name of a brand from ATI Technology's muli-GPU solutions. The technology competes with its NVidia counterpart Scalable Link Interface (SLI). At present, up to four graphics cards can be used simultaneously by the technology, providing significant improvements to graphics performance from a single computer. Technology like CrossFire has been used for some time now with professional grade hardware. It was used in systems that required optimal graphical performance, like Flight Simulators, but is now available to the consumer market.

The technology is now offered mostly for hardcore gamers, under the current brand CrossFireX. It is used with ATI Radeon HD graphics cards with ATI CrossFireX motherboards. With an ATI CrossFireX gaming rig, you can breakthrough the traditional graphics limitation allowing you to higher performance as well as visual experience.



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