AfterDawn: Glossary

Digital Media Player

A Digital Media Player (DMP) is a DLNA device, classed as a Home Network Device.

These devices can source content from other DLNA devices, in particular a Digital Media Server. These could be anything from televisions, stereos, game consoles, home theater systems and more.

If a device that can play video from another device over a network bares a DLNA-Certified logo, than it can work with other DLNA devices.

Other types of DLNA devices include...

Home Network Devices
Digital Media Server (DMS)
Digital Media Renderer (DMR)
Digital Media Controller (DMC)
Digital Media Printer (DMPr)

Mobile Handheld Devices
Mobile Digital Media Server (M-DMS)
Mobile Digital Media Player (M-DMP)
Mobile Digital Media Uploader (M-DMU)
Mobile Digital Media Downloader (M-DMD)
Mobile Digital Media Controller (M-DMC)

Home Infrastructure Devices
Mobile Network Connectivity Function (M-NCF)
Media Interoperability Unit (MIU)



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