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SD Plus

SD Plus is a type of Secure Digital (SD) card developed by SanDisk that offers extra connectivity features over a traditional SD card. Specifically, SD Plus cards can connect directly to a USB port, which is useful for transfering content stored on the card from a digital camera or similar device. The card was built with the design of the Reduced-Sized MultiMediaCard (RS-MMC) as inspiration. When the card is in normal use, it is in its normal SD card mode, but when it is folded (literally) it produces the shape of a USB connector.

SD Plus Card Folding:

There are a variety of Secure Digital (SD) products available..

Secure Digital (SD) --> Original SD card offering capacities up to 8GB currently.

miniSD --> A smaller form-factor version of the original SD card.

microSD --> Currently the smallest flash memory card on the market.

miniSDHC --> High Capacity version of miniSD card.

microSDHC --> High Capacity version of microSD card.

SD plus --> A form of SD card developed by SanDisk.with USB additions.

Eye-Fi --> An SD card with built in Wifi capabilities of its own.

Gruvi --> A form of SD card developed for content distribution by SanDisk.



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