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DualShock controllers have been used with Sony PlayStation consoles since the late 1990s, though have dramatically changed since then.

Used as an optional peripheral for the original PlayStation console, the first DualShock Analog Controller brought vibration feedback to the PlayStation console with games that supported the functionality.

It also featured two analog sticks, which were not present on the original PlayStation controller (but were with the Dual Analog controller). DualShock added two new buttons in L3 and R3, which are pressed by pushing down on the analog sticks.

The first DualShock controller was powered directly by the PS1 console by use of a cable, just like its ordinary controller, though some third-party DualShock controllers used batteries just for the vibration effect.

The DualShock controller was widely supported by game developers who saw the benefits of the vibration effect with the analog sticks for controlling the virtual environment. Some titles later on in the PlayStations life-cycle required a DualShock controller.

With the release of the PlayStation 2 (PS2) console, the DualShock 2 controller was born.


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