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Federation Against Copyright Theft

Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) is a trade group created in 1983 to protect the UK's film and broadcasting industry from piracy and counterfeit and infringement. The group says its three main areas of work are in online piracy, hard goods piracy, and prevention of recording in movie theaters.

For online piracy, the group aims to stop uploaders, especially pre-release uploaders who release music and movies/TV before their retail release date.

For hard goods piracy, FACT aims to shutdown organized networks of pirates that sell counterfiet products at a profit.

For prevention of illegal recording in Cinemas, the group has actually been very successful and most "cammed" films now come from Germany, Russia, Spain and Canada and not the UK.

"DVD and online piracy must be recognised as a crime of growing national significance. Our aim is to help create an effective deterrent to film piracy in the UK by increasing public awareness of this type of criminal activity that can have a destructive influence on local communities.

Through our technical and forensic capabilities FACT continues to support law enforcement agencies to increase the number of investigations of the principal figures involved and to squeeze and close down their sales and distribution networks.

With your help and support we can do more. The biggest thing you can do is not to buy them."
says Kieron Sharp, the Director General of the group.


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