AfterDawn: Glossary

Viaccess PC2.5

Viaccess PC2.5 is a Conditional Access System developed by France Telecom. Along with its predecessor, Viaccess PC2.4, it is sometimes thought of as Viaccess 2. It is one of the five Viaccess systems currently in use to protect digital television content from viewing piracy, where hackers can use modified software, clone cards, key sharing etc. to view premium content without every paying a subscription fee. While Viaccess PC2.3 (and its modifications, TPS-Crypt and ThalesCrypt) and Viaccess PC2.4 are both considered insecure and compromised, the Viaccess PC2.5 system has not been broken since it was introduced years ago.

It was to be followed with an upgrade in security, Viaccess PC2.6.


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