AfterDawn: Glossary


Actually a very misleading term, since DVD-Video specs clearly state that VCD-encoded video content is perfectly within the specs of DVD-Video as well (with the exception of audio, which in VCD is 44.1kHz and in DVD 48kHz).

But basically, DVD-VCD, is just a "clever" way to stating that we're speaking of DVD-Video disc that has material on it which has been encoded by using MPEG-1 video format with same definitions as VCD has (same resolution, same bitrate, etc).

If you're interested of transferring your existing VCD movies to a DVD format, this process is relatively painless -- as stated before, only real difference between VCD and one of the allowed DVD-Video specs is the fact that the audio frequency needs to be changed from VCD's 44.1kHz to DVD-Video's 48kHz. Read our guide on how to do this.


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