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eXtended Detail Enhancement

eXtended Detail Enhancement, or XDE, is a brand new technology brought forth by Toshiba that promises to upscale a DVD image to "near-HD."

XDE DVD players offer frame by frame real-time analysis, enhancement and conversion of images.

From Tosiba's own press statement, "the XDE, like many DVD players, up-converts DVDs up to 1080p to match the Resolution of your HDTV, it goes a step further thanks to XDEs special picture-enhancement capabilities. XDE delivers a crisper, more vivid picture quality from your DVDs."

Using a Chipset designed by Toshiba, XDE players provide sharper, more detailed images without adding much video Noise like current Upscaling players do. They also offer richer blacks, and better color reproduction for the images of your current DVD collection.

XDE in the News

Toshiba debuts "near-HD" XDE players (18 August 2008)- Toshiba has announced the availability of its first ever eXtended Detail Enhancement (XDE) DVD player which promises "near-HD" picture quality and a price half that of Blu-ray.


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