AfterDawn: Glossary

Association for UK Interactive Entertainment

The Association for UK Interactive Entertainment - or UKIE - is a UK trade-body representing the entertainment industry.

The UKIE group represents the interests of its members, who develop video games and other inactive forms of entertainment. It lobbies for the interests of its members by developing relationships with parliamentarians and policymakers, in order that it can strive to make sure the industry has the best possible political, social and economic environment to thrive in.

UKI has a dedicated Intellectual Property Crime Unit which helps to fight against video games piracy.

It has a close relationship with the Interactive Software Federation of Europe, which helps it to have its say on European Union policies and to make its UK members aware of all relative items that are occurring at the EU level.

UKIE also takes the responsibility to act as a public information source, to aid consumers and the media to better understand gaming and the industry.



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