AfterDawn: Glossary


MacDefender is a string of malware aimed at users of Apple's Mac systems.

While it is widely believed that Macs do not get viruses or malware, that is simply not the case. MacDefender affected large amounts of Mac users in 2011.

It comes in the form of fake security products, such as MacProtector and MacSecurity. It works just like scareware often seen on Windows systems, first running a fake scan for malicious items and then prompting the user with a list of bogus threats in its "results."

If the user is duped into believing the malware is real might take an option to buy a full version of the products. According to reports, the MacDefender peddlers pocketed up to $70 each time a user fell for the scam.

MacDefender spread initially by targeting popular Mac-related search results.

Apple has released updates to tackle the thread of the MacDefender malware.


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