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Portable Device Media Interface

Portable Digital Media Interface, or PDMI, is a specification from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) indicating that a product is compliant with CEA-2017, Common Interconnection for Portable Media Players. This set of standards defines electrical and mechanical properties for connectors designed to be used to transmit audio, video, and assorted information streams, as well as power to and from portable media players when connected to consumer electronics devices such as home stereo receivers and even car stereos.

Although there are various connectors used by different media players currently, PDMI is designed to be implemented by any company, which the CEA hopes will make it the defacto standard for portable players and consumer electronics equipment in the future. Currently a CEA working group is working on a study using PDMI connections to deliver HDMI compliant signals.

When available, PDMI compliant devices will be identifiable by the use of the PDMI logo (seen on the right).

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