AfterDawn: Glossary

Alliance for Wireless Power

The Alliance for Wireless Power, or A4WP, is a consortium consisting of global wireless power and technology industry leaders.

The group strives to develop standards and push solutions for spatial freedom for charging of electrical devices. What this means in practice is that gadgets such as smartphones and tablets could be charges wirelessly by being laid on a complaint surface, like a table or a designated area in a car.

The ultimate goal of A4WP is a single specification that addresses simultaneous charging of multiple devices ranging from very low power products, such as Bluetooth headsets, to more resource demanding gadgets such as a high-performance tablet PC.

A4WP wants to grow the use of cable-free-power technology worldwide. The organization is looking to attract interest from industry representatives including device manufacturers, mobile operators, chip vendors, automotive companies, furniture manufacturers, the engineering sector and test and regulatory services.

In October 2012, A4WP approved a specification for Wireless Power.



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