AfterDawn: Glossary

Nagravision Cardmagedon

Nagravision Cardmagedon is a Conditional Access System developed by a company called Nagravision, part of the Kudelski Group. Nagravision Cardmagedon is often confused with Nagravision Aladin, and vice-versa. They are often thought of as "Nagravision 2", which technically does not exist but can be used to apply to either. Nagravision Cardmagedon is a combination of both Nagravision Aladin and Mediaguard (SECA) 2 and is used in many European countries for digital video broadcasts.

Nagravision systems are constantly under attack from TV pirates, with broadcaters in the UK and Ireland still using the older Nagravision system (although in Ireland the transition to Nagravision 3, or Merlin, is currently underway) and only Nagravision 3 is considered safe for the time being. Some broadcasters using the Nagravision system (cracked in 1999) maintain security by switching keys multiple times throughout the day.


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