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TY is often a nickname used to describe the Taiyo Yuden brand of recording media used by people backing up movies and game data. Taiyo Yuden brand disks for DVDs have proven to be very reliable and offer a very good shelf life against data degradation. The quality of the CD and DVD products they produce are such a high standard, they are regularly used by drive manufacturers and even developers for the Sony Playstation.

Taiyo Yuden was founded in 1950 in Japan by Hikohachi Sato. It operates out of Tokyo, Japan but since has opened up factories in Singapore, Korea, China, Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia and Thailand. The company employs over 10,000 people and has been seen boasting revenue around $1 billion annually.

Taiyo Yuden often come branded with their own logo, of often times a simple notation of "That's" on the media reel. Additionally, Taiyo Yuden's non-labeled products can be found rebranded in such developers as Fujifilm, Panasonic, Sony, TDK, and Verbatim to name a few.

Taiyo Yuden disks can be identified by the following designations:

  • TAIYOYUDEN: 2x DVD-R, hub stamper code: GBxxxxxx
  • TYG01: 4x DVD-R, hub stamper code: GDxxxxxx
  • TYG02: 8x DVD-R, hub stamper code: GGxxxxxx
  • TYG03: 16x DVD-R, hub stamper code: GHxxxxxx
  • TYG11: 8x DVD-R DL, hub stamper code:
  • BGxxxxxx (incompatibilities with burners with outdated firmware)
  • YUDEN000 T00: 2.4x DVD+R, hub stamper code unknown
  • YUDEN000 T01: 4x DVD+R, hub stamper codes: TCxxxxxx or TSxxxxxx
  • YUDEN000 T02: 8x DVD+R, hub stamper code: TGxxxxxx
  • YUDEN000 T03: 16x DVD+R, hub stamper code: THxxxxxx
There are known manufacturers out of Hong Kong and China who have produced media with Taiyo Yuden's media codes, however these disks are prone to data loss and degradation. If the disk does not have the Taiyo Yuden hub stamper code, it is probably a fake.

For more information on manufacturing IDs please visit this link: Manufacturing IDs


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