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MOV/.mov is a video Container format for QuickTime.

The multimedia container file can hold multiple tracks, audio, video, effects or text files. Each Track, regardless of type, has its own digitally-encoded media stream using a specific Codec.

QuickTime natively supports AIFF, WAV, DV, MP3, and MPEG-1. Including extensions, QT can also support Ogg, ASF, FLV, MKV, and DivX Media Format.

MP4 was based on Apples MOV (Quicktime) container, which they were already using for MPEG-4 content. Rather than using a different type of file for elementary (separate video and audio) streams, MOV and MP4 use the same container regardless of how many or what type of streams are stored in it. Apple's iTunes online music store made audio only MP4 files a common site for consumers. Although not all portable media players can read them, Apple's M4A extension (for audio only MP4 files) has become anonymous with audio.

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How to play MOV files-
A MOV file is a QuickTime media container format. That is, it can store audio and video data. In this article we will talk about the simple task of playing back MOV files on a computer. This guide is noticeably shorter than our other playback guides, but covers everything you need to know to play QuickTime files.

How to convert video files to DVD using VSO ConvertXtoDVD- ConvertXtoDVD is the new improved software that replaced DivxToDVD from VSO Software. It has the ability to convert multiple file types, including AVI files ( DivX or XviD supported), Quicktime files ( MOV ) , Windows Media Video files (WMV) etc.. to DVD . It produces a VIDEO_TS folder containing your DVD files (. VOB , . BUP and . IFO) and can burn it directly to DVD.


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