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2:2 Pulldown

2:2 Pulldown is different than other pulldown patterns because it doesn't actually duplicate any frames. Rather it's a way to simply tell the video decoder to display the video as two interlaced fields rather than a single Progressive Frame.

In reality there are almost no cirumustances under which you would need to use 2:2 Pulldown because modern video decoding technology is already designed to divide progressive frames into Field pairs for transmission to an interlaced display. The only time there might be an advantage would be when you're playing the video on a DVD player that has a deinterlacing chip capable of reading, and reacting to, 2:2 Pulldown flags. However, a decent deinterlacer should be able to recognize that the fields have no motion between them (being from the same moment in time) without requiring Pulldown flags.

There are currently no consumer tools for adding 2:2 Pulldown to any type of video.

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