AfterDawn: Glossary


OptimFROG is a compression codec for lossless audio data. Its main goal is to reduce at maximum the size of audio files, while permitting bit identical restoration for all input, just like other lossless codecs and unlike lossy compression formats that actually permanently remove data from the audio. Software that supports OptimFROG is available for Linux, MAC and Windows in the form of native support among players, as well as by plug-in (like with Windows Media Player).

OptimFROG offers bitstream error resilience and supports ID3v1.1, ID3v2 and APEv2 tags. It provides optimal support for all integer PCM wave formats up to 32 bits and an extensible streamable (error tolerant) compressed format. It encodes audio data from a CD-Audio source very quickly, as well as fast decoding speed, even on systems with low resources. The compression ratios which can obtained with OptimFROG are generally ranging from 25% to 70% of the source based on the type of content.

Lossy compression formats offer much higher compression ratio, but not a perfect copy of the original source, therefore lossless audio codecs like OptimFROG or FLAC, offer much higher quality in comparison.


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