AfterDawn: Glossary

PS Jailbreak

PS Jailbreak, or PlayStation Jailbreak, is a USB dongle that is sold to owners of PlayStation 3 consoles to enable the booting of unsigned code on the system. The USB dongle must be plugged into a console that is using firmware version 3.41 or lower on boot.

One of the pieces of homebrew software advertised alongside PS Jasilbreak is Backup Manager, which lets a user make a full backup of a PlayStation 3 game to an internal hard disk drive, or an external USB hard disk drive.

The same software can then be used to boot the game from the hard drive without the physical disc being present. The PS Jailbreak release was met with an inevitable backlash from Sony, which has attacked its presence on the market in court as well as its effectiveness in practice by blocking it with firmware updates.

The sale of PS Jailbreak is illegal in Australia and Sony has pursued retailers selling the device in other countries.

PS Jailbreak was followed with open source solutions designed to be used with other USB devices such as PSgroove and PSfreedom.


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