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Nero Digital

Nero Digital is a Codec from Ahead software that is based on MPEG-4. It produces high quality at lower bitrates just like other codecs such as DivX and XviD. Nero Recode software is needed to encode files or DVDs to Nero Digital.

The codec is based on open standards adopted by HD technologies such as AVCHD and Blu-ray.

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Nero Digital Encoding-
This guide will walk you through encoding files to Nero Digital using Nero Vision 4, available with Nero 7 Ultra Edition. The final result will be an MP4 file. Despite the popularity of the AVI format, MP4 is the only official container format for MPEG-4 of any kind. Besides files produced by Nero, I also use the MP4 container for XviD encodes. If you have problems playing back MP4 files you can either use Nero Showtime or follow the instructions in Afterdawn's MP4 playback guide.

Convert DVD Movie to Nero Digital
- This guide show's how to use Nero Recode 2 to convert a DVD movie to Nero Digital. The Nero Digital codec is based on MPEG-4, therefore it produces higher quality video at lower birates, allowing you to store entire DVD movies in files small enough to fit on CD-Rs. This guide converts just the main movie quickly to Nero Digital.

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