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UHDV stands for Ultra High Definition Video.

It is a video format being promoted by the Japan Broadcasting Corporation, NHK. UHDV was tested by NHK using an array of 16 HDTV recorders to capture just 18 minutes of footage; which took up 3.5TB space. The camera that was actually used to record the footage was built with 4 2.5 inch (64 mm) CCDs. The resolution of the video is a massive 7680x4320 (exactly four times the 1920x1080 resolution used by existing HDTV; it has 16 times more pixels than HDTV). It runs at 60 frames per second (fps). It also has 22.2CH audio (9 above ear level, 10 at ear level, 3 below ear level and 2 low frequency effects).

The recorded footage was projected on a 4x7 metre screen for a public demonstration. Reports were that it gave an experience of actually "being there". People experienced nausea while watching the footage. This occurred because the movement of the camera was so realistic but the human body couldn't feel the motion.


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