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E3 Expo

E3 refers to the E3 Media and Business Summit, but was once known as the Electronic Entertainment Expo. It is an annual trade run by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) for companies in the video games industry. After the E3 2006 event, it was announced that E3 would be changed, going from a public exposition to an event only open to journalists, games industry professionals and insiders and guests of exhibitors.

At E3 2007, the attendance was around 3000 - 5000, compared to the 60,000 the year before. Although E3 changed dramatically after 2006, consumers were not left in the dark and a brand new E for All event will be open to the public. Makers of video games equipment and developers of video games show off news hardware / software at the E3 Expo. Console manufacturers such as Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony use the event to brag about their successes in the competition, such as sales performance or the number of games that made #1 for their platform.

Game trailers are shown at conferences and on-stage demo's are shown off of games that are generally due for release within a year.

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