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PEGI 18 is a rating from the Pan-European Game Information (PEGI) system.

PEGI 18 means that the game title is certainly not suitable for teenagers, and should be reserved for an adult audience only.

Depictions of violence in the game may be extreme for even some adults. PEGI defines "gross violence" as "depictions of violence that would make the viewer feel a sense of revulsion."

To help consumers who are buying a PEGI 18 title, there are other descriptors on PEGI 18 titles that indicate the following...

 Bad Language - This title contains bad language, possibly including references to sex.

 Discrimination - May contain content that glorifies or encourages discrimination.

 Drugs - The game may have depictions of srug use, or refer to it in a positive manner. It may seem to glorify the use of drugs.

 Fear - The game may be very frightening or disturbing for a younger audience, particularly young children.

 Gambling - The game may encourage gambling or even teach methods of gambling.

 Sex - The game may show nudity considered unsuitable for children, or it may go as far as strong references to sex acts or even depict sexual activity.

 Violence - The game may contain depictions of violence that is determined to be unsuitable for a younger audience, particularly young children.

 This title has online features, which may include the ability for the player to communicate or otherwise interact with another person on the Internet, which some parents may not be comfortable with.

A PEGI 18 rating should not be ignored by parents.

Other ratings include PEGI OK, PEGI 3, PEGI 7, PEGI 12 and PEGI 16.


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