AfterDawn: Glossary


TIGA is a trade association that represents and serves in the interest of the games developers and associated buisnesses in the UK.

TIGA has three main focuses: Political Representation, Media Coverage and Enhancement of competitiveness for its members.

The group engages with the UK government to ensure that its members are heard and represented fairly in Parliament. In recent years it has lobbied for tax breaks for the games industry in the UK to encourage growth of the sector.

The association holds media interviews, publishes newsletters and press releases and deliver speeches to ensure that the views of the games industry are represented in the media. The trade group has featured in many of the UK's big media organizations, such as The Financial Times, the Daily Mail and the Independent.

TIGA assists its members to grow their competitive edge in many was such as holding events and seminars and helping games businesses to obtain financial support to exhibit at overseas trade shows.

Also through their website the association offers a jobs board, a job swap facility and a database of all the key developers and suppliers in the gaming industry.



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