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Video Content Protection System

Video Content Protection System (VCPS) is a new encryption mechanism designed for use with blank DVD+R/RW/DL media. VCPS-capable media could be labeled as "broadcast flag-ready" media. While the requirement for equipment to support the broadcast flag is long gone, it is still making its way into broadcasts and recording hardware.

The goal is to prevent mass distribution of copyrighted content that have been recorded from digital broadcasts. The broadcast flag can dictate what is allowed to be done with the content and what is not. For example, recording a broadcast might be allowed, but making copies of the recording can be restricted.

However, some DVD+R/RW recorders utilize this encryption because the implementation of VCPS is not mandated by the DVD+RW Alliance . However, this means that devices that do not utilize the technology will not be able to record content that is transmitted using the new broadcast flag protection.

Ricoh Japan revealed the first VCPS-capable media in July 2007.


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