AfterDawn: Glossary


China Video Disc

One of the original three applicants to replace VideoCD and sponsored mostly by Chinese government back in late 1990s. Eventually it didn't win the competition -- SVCD became the 2nd generation video disc format in China and in the rest of the Asia.

Anyway, as it gained some popularity and is virtually identical to SVCD, most of the DVD players which support SVCD, support also CVD.

CVD's main differences to SVCD are the fact that it uses different subtitle format and the fact that it uses 352x480/576 resolution instead of SVCD's 480x480/576. This makes is ideal format for storing data on CD waiting to be moved to DVD-R, because DVD-Video specs know CVD's native resolution -- and don't recognize SVCD's resolution. So, by encoding movies directly to CVD format, you can store them on CD and play them with DVD player and at later date, transfer the movie to DVD-R without re-encoding it.



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