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CodecSys is a video technology (patent pending) developed by Broadcast International (BI). The so-called "Multi-Codec System" has been developed to address the forthcoming problems with bandwidth availability as more consumers demand video in high definition. CodecSys claims that it can create very high quality HD video streams with a much lower bitrate than the average codec in use today.

CodecSys continuously evaluates and optimizes audio and video streams through the best attributes, capabilities and settings of multiple codecs for sections of videos. The technology works at a scene-by-scene or even frame-by-frame basis as the content is converted to digital data for transmission. Traditionally, a stream of video uses just one codec from start to finish. CodecSys however, evaluates each frame of video and determines which codec is best for that particular frame or a group of frames.

Since it can utilize the best performance for the right content from each codec, its developers claim that using CodecSys can reduce needed bandwidth by 50% - 75% compared to the traditional single codec technology. Furthermore, CodecSys is software based and so is upgradeable as better codec technology emerges.

The group responsible for CodecSys sees further developments to the technology in the future. One such possibility is to use more than one codec for a single individual frame of video.

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