AfterDawn: Glossary

MultiMediaCard Association

The MultiMediaCard Association is the group that used to oversee the MultiMediaCard flash memory format and its variants. Membership of the MultiMediaCard Association must be purchased in order to manufacture the cards themselves (whereas there are no royalties for developing devices which host MMC.) The MMC Association published and distributed the specifications for the MMC flash memory card format.

In September 2008, the MMC Association announced that it was transferring assets to the JEDEC group. A notification from the MMCA website read...

"The MMCA Board of Directors and Executive Members have approved a motion to dissolve MMCA and transfer assets (including specifications, works in progress, copyrights and certain other assets) to the JEDEC Solid State Technology Association. Please see the official press release located on the JEDEC Web Site ."

"MMCA was formed with a primary mission of promoting worldwide adoption of storage media devices designed especially for mobile phones and digital imaging devices. Over time this focus has shifted to a common architecture for embedded and removable solutions. The Board of Directors has concluded that JEDEC will be the best custodian for MMC technology and specifications and in the best position to leverage the technology as it is not a card-only organization."



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