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SDDS stands for Sony Dynamic Digital Sound. It is an audiop format used in movie theaters that offers up to 8 channels of audio; 5 front, 2 surround and a sub-base. The audio data is stored on the outer edges of the 35 mm film release print. It is not now and has never been available in any home format. However in the market for theater audio, SDDS came out swinging in competition with Dolby Laboritories and DTS. It debuted in June, 1993 with the release of the movie, Last Action Hero after 11 months of intensive development from concept.

SDDS is not regularly installed in new movie theaters these days, but it is still very much an active format. It still enjoys the support of major movie studios and new features are often released that use SDDS audio. However, of all the titles, very few actually make use of the 8 channel system offered by SDDS, which would be most suited to theaters with larger screens than the norm. Approximately over 1,400 mnovies have been mixed with SDDS tracks and over 6750 movie theaters are equipped for SDDS.

SDDS was the least popular of all three theatrical formats since its inception.

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