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Most CD-R media can hold anywhere between 660 and 690MB of data but most, thanks to CD or CD-Writer shortcomings, cannot write more than 650-659MB.

Most programs will simply use the extra space for the required 90 second lead-out. However, it is possible to shorten the lead-out area and write extra data to the CD-R. This method is called Overburning or Oversizing.

As was said, most CD-Writers will not write more than the preset value of 659MB but we have a list posted below of drives that do.

CD-Rs, for the most part, can record up to the edge line of the physical CD, which is around 77 minutes although most will not let you burn past 74.

To be able to overburn, you must use Disc-At-Once (DAO) mode instead of TAO (Track At Once). DAO allows you to provide your own lead-out, which can then be shortened or moved.

It is important to note the overburning does have its risks. Some CD players will have trouble reading the last 90 seconds of an oversized audio CD or data disc but that is a risk you must be willing to take. There is also a possibility that overuse of overburning can damage your CD-Writer.

Here is a list of some compatible drives that can overburn:

Teac CD-R50S, CD-R55S, CD-R56S-450, CD-R56S-600 & CD-R58S
Plextor PX-R412Ci/e (firmware 1.06 or up), PX-R820 & PX-W4220
Yamaha CDR200/400/401 & RW2260/4260/4001/2216/4216/4261/4416


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