AfterDawn: Glossary


SheerVideo is a lossless video codec produced and marketed by BitJazz. Generally it is geared towards prosumer use, claiming to work twice as fast at half the file size. It is developed for Mac and Windows and it is not free. SheerVideo comprises of real-time lossless video encoders and decoders.

With SheerVideo, you can capture and play back uncompressed-quality standard-definition RGB component video on relatively low resources, or playback high-definition content in a modern computer in real time.

SheerVideo is setup as a competitor for broadcast-quality formats such as ProRes, HDCamSR, DigiBeta, Photo JPEG, and Motion JPEG, which the company describes as "destructive", and promises that upgrading your workflow for SheerVideo instead will provide positive results. For prosumer-quality source formats such as DVCPro HD, DV-25, MPEG, H.264, AVC, and HDV, upgrading to nondestructive SheerVideo takes more space, but promises a lighter process load with lossless quality.

The Synchromy nondestructive color-conversion technology - the most accurate color-space converter in the world - is utilized by SheerVideo to convert between RGB (film and computer-generated imagery) and Y'CbCr (video) color spaces. This means you can edit video footage in applications designed for film and CGI, and edit film & CGI footage in video applications, with zero loss of image information.


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